How to Push Sales of your Less Selling Products


This is the world of variances, old technologies become out dated after arrival of new technologies in a short time. Computers are replaced with the laptops and now the smart phones are in. The result is that nobody is interested to buy the big size computers now.  Similar is the case with products in a PrestaShop shopping store where consumer always prefer to buy the new/fresh product.

What to do with stock of out dated products?

This is fine according to consumer point of view but what to do with the merchants who have stock of old unsold products. Either they have to throw those products out and keep only fresh products?

This is really a discouraging situation for the merchants as it means zero profit and even the cost of those products is not getting back.

The purpose of today’s post is to encourage those merchants who are afraid of the loss they might have to get due to stock of old products. I will give the simplest trick by which merchants will be able to sell their old stock.

Concept of Product Visibility

A merchant might have thousand of products in his PrestaShop store and products are visible in categories and sub categories. Products are displayed datewise where the new products are getting more visibility than the older ones. In the case like this, there is very less chances of sales of old products.

Increasing visibility by creating lists

Normally, what plans merchants implement on their ecommerce store for increasing their sales. One simple ways is to show a list of top seller products separately but what to do with the out dated products which are neither fresh nor top seller.

It is quite impractical to make a list of out dated products [just like the list of top sellers] and place them on home page. Even offering the out dated products at low prices is not feasible from the point that the products are not giving back their prices.

In this case, the best practice is to use the block advertising PrestaShop.

What are advertising blocks?

Advertising blocks are varying size static boxes that can be shown in left/right side at home page. In these boxes, merchants can place their products. There blocks works just like scrolling banners i.e. products keeps on changing in them providing the facility to place numerous products in these blocks.


Out dated Products placement in promotional blocks

Merchants can place their out dated products in these blocks. In this case, products will get more visibility resulting in more sales. Customer coming at the web-store might like out dated products, as some times customers need old version of products. In this case, promotional blocks work perfectly.

 Promotion blocks in PrestaShop ecommerce

PrestaShop is among the best platform in the world for online shops. Hence, I am discussing the procedure of blocks creation in PrestaShop. The feature of promotional block is not coming in default version of 1.5 and later and it needs an expert developer/designer to make the blocks using arrays css formatting. If you are a sharp developer then go forward with these tips, but if you have not enough expertise then go ahead with an external plugin. Here, I am suggestion some feature which must have in promotional blocks.

  • Facility of adding unlimited blocks on any page of webstore.
  • Scrolling function for products
  • Promo block custom labeling
  • Position setting for blocks


Merchants can increase their sales of out dated products easily by using this type of planning. It is quite easy to implement which don’t affect the sales of other products. Now the merchants will have no fear of their old stock.


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