Top 10 PrestaShop Developers & Influencers That You Must Know

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Unexpected to many people, PrestaShop is rapidly becoming the platform of preference for e-commerce-based stores which is all because of its simple ways of developing a shop without carrying out a lot of programming. However, I believe it is constantly suitable from a long time after its arrival.

If you are looking PrestaShop developers, for me the following individuals are perfect for their assistance.

I analyzed these developers on specific criteria and considered multiple factors for their selection like their activeness/involvedness in PrestaShop related tasks especially on PrestaShop forum, helping behavior for newbie’s,  higher followers/fans, professionalism, programming techniques etc.

I also searched different blogs and article to know about the top developers and influencers. A similar list which I found on Cloudways blog also helped me a lot to write this post.

Following is the list of top developers and influencers in PrestaShop.

1.      Alastair Brian

Alastair Brian is an expert programmer who has module development expertise for different CMS/ecommerce platforms like Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart etc. He is currently working with FMEModules.

Contact Info: TwitterLinkedInFacebook Google Plus

2.      Abe ShawAbe Shaw

Abe Shaw is eCommerce & Web Development Specialist.

Contact Info: TwitterLinkedInFacebookGoogle Plus

3.      Simon Walkersimon walker

Simon Walker, all in one expert ecommerce developer attached with FME brand. He develops modules for big ecommerce/CMS platforms including Magento, Presta, Joomla, WordPress etc.

Contact Info: TwitterFacebookGoogle PlusExaminer

4.      Julien Bourdeau


Website & App builder. Hi Tech enthusiast. PrestaShop Core developer.

Contact Info: TwitterLinkedInFacebookGoogle Plus

5.      Krystian PodemskiKrystian Podemski

Freelance PrestaShop developer, WordPress developer

Contact Info: TwitterLinkedInFacebookGoogle Plus

6.      Benjamin Utterbackbenmin

Lead Community Manager at PrestaShop

Contact Info: TwitterLinkedInGoogle Plus

7.      Kevin Grangerkevin

UX Devsigner @Algolia – Open Source fanatic – Startup lover – Saas addict

Contact info: TwitterLinkedInFacebookGoogle Plus

8.      Luis Méndez Alejoluis

Joomla! Developer & Translator – WordPress & PrestaShop support – Linux enthusiast / VirtueMart volunteer & digital nomad a full-time in Webempresa

Contact Info: TwitterLinkedInFacebookGoogle Plus

9.      Ian Kibbleian

Web Designer – (PrestaShop OpenCart, WordPress etc) – Football, Webdesign.

Contact Info: TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus

10. Alain Folletetealain

PHP Developer at PrestaShop

Contact Info: TwitterLinkedInFacebook


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