PrestaShop Cloud Hosting – Top Questions and Solutions


Recently, PrestaShop Cloud was launched. When introduced in the market, a number of customers experienced problems of various natures in testing and working in live environment. Taking the type of troubles in mind, we are now listing a few reported issues and their practical solutions. The post also contains some general issues faced by the PrestaShop community users. The source of these question and answers in PrestaShop forum. So let’s start here;

Problem No. 1

Can I use free themes and plug-ins in PrestaShop cloud of different companies?

Solution: PrestaShop Cloud does not support themes and plugins of others whether free or paid; only themes/plugins available on PrestaShop Addon Official Store can be used on the cloud version.


Problem No. 2

Can I edit the theme purchased from PrestaShop Addon Official Store like changing CSS properties, moving blocks etc.

Solution: You can edit the theme and also can edit/upload modules through ftp.


Problem No. 3

Is there a way to access the PrestaShop Cloud database of my store?

Solution: You can’t access the database but SQL manager [PrestaShop default tool] can be used.


Problem No. 4

I am a PrestaShop developer, how I can test my module that they will work fine on PrestaShop Cloud.

Solution: You have to create a PrestaShop Cloud store, and install your module in it and then have to test it according to this official guide.


Problem No. 5

I have started my new store on PrestaShop cloud and want to clean all the demo data(pre-loaded date). How can I wipe it?

Solution: Use the PSCleaner available in the module section of PS Cloud Admin, It is free tool.


Problem No. 6

Does PrestaShop Cloud Supports SSL certificates for payment? Is it possible to run several shops with one IP?

Solution: SSL Certificate option is not available for cloud version however, it will be available in next cloud update. You can run several shops with one ip as it is a type of shared hosting.


Problem No. 7

How can I migrate myself hosted PrestaShop store to PrestaShop cloud?

Solution: There is no direct way to migrate completely, however you can export all the data [products, content] and then import to the cloud version. A plugin is available also for this purpose.


Problem No. 8

Is it possible in PrestaShop cloud to allow me selling products from different brand on my store? I need multiple vendor admin panel with single front end.

Solution: Yes, it is possible in PrestaShop cloud. For this purpose you need to make a market place on your store. As a tip, use any of the market place modules to convert your shop to marketplace.


Problem no. 9

I am going to start my shop on PrestaShop hosted cloud, but first I want to know that if cloud don’t fulfills my store requirement, can I migrate from PS cloud to another hosting. In this case, I can access the source code?

Solution: It is not possible to migrate because PS cloud does not allow access to source code.


Problem No. 10

Are there any limitations on using the multi-store feature on the Cloud? If I want to sell all my products on one store and few categories of products on other store. Is it possible?

Solution: It has two solutions.

  • Make 2 separate store on cloud as you can’t share the database of 2 store at the same time.
  • Use a multi-store option for which you have the same stock, two shops and you can chose the products you want to share in both.



3 thoughts on “PrestaShop Cloud Hosting – Top Questions and Solutions

  1. On problem No. 6, SSL cannot be optional. If a hosting provider, even free ones from PrestaShop do not support SSL, look elsewhere for hosting. You certainly are less secure without an SSL certificate. And, you are compromising your customer’s entire personal information from theft.

    • Yes, Agree with you. In this case, others hosting services should be preferred. PrestaShop cloud hosting then suits for those store which does not needs sensitive information of customers .

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