6 Best PrestaShop Promotion Modules

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If you are looking to enhance your promotional campaigns, then go for most effective advertising techniques. In today’s PrestaShop weekly roundup, I have enlisted some top promotion techniques and the needed modules.

So here are the top six advertising tips;

  1. Birth Day Coupons
  2. Promotional Blocks
  3. Like to Get Discount
  4. Registration Coupon
  5. Points & Discounts
  6. Flash Sales

1.      Birth Day Coupons

Sending Birth Day discount coupons to the customers make them feel joyful. This act shows the care which you do for your customers. Definitely, customers will feel satisfaction and customer loyalty will increase. It is a good way to create goodwill with your clients.

Download this extension here.

Price of this Module is: $40.37


2.      Promotion Block

In this technique, promotion blocks are placed on the web-pages at left/right column. In these blocks admin can place their top selling products or those products which he want to promote.

In this way, promo block’s products get more exposure then the other products and their sales can be increased.

You can check the demo advertising extension for PrestaShop here.

Price of this Module is: $40.54


3.      Like to Get Discount

Customers are offered discounts when they like the shop profile on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter etc. In this way, brand will become more popular leading to more traffic and sales. Discount will automatically add to the customer account on each like, and when customer purchases something, it will be offered at discount price.

Get this Social Discount Module here.

Price of this Module is: $33.88


4.      Registration Coupon

Customers are offered discount coupon when they register on your website. It is a good way to make more registered customers and obviously sales will increase in this way. Coupons are generally sent to the customers in the registration email.

Check the demo and other information here.

Price of this Module is: $32.38


5.      Points and Discounts

It is the best marketing strategy to implement in which customers are given some bonus points when he purchases products from store. These bonus points are actually equal to some discounts which customers will get on purchase of other products.

Download this plug-in here.

Price of this Module is : $129


6.      Flash Sale Count Down

In this type of promotion, a flash sale will be displayed on home and category pages of the web-store with a countdown timer. This timer shows the time left for starting a new sale offer like Christmas, winter sales. In this way, customers get informed with the latest offers and merchants get more traffic in countdown time.

Download this Extension here PrestaShop Countdown module.

Price of this Module is: $67.57

flash sales


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