Top 3 Dashboard Features in PrestaShop That you Must Know

Since the release of version 1 .6, PrestaShop continues to be much crazy about stats and data. So, its customers are enjoying a number of exclusive stat-based features, all from the back office.

PrestaShop has taken a number of big steps to improve itself, specially the launch of Cloud Hosting recently. As today, we are talking about statistics which is a fundamental part of the PrestaShop practical knowledge. So let’s start here;

Top Features of PrestaShop Dashboard

Here we are listing top features that are included in the statistics dashboard of PrestaShop.

·         Real-time Margins

Actually the most fascinating benefit of PrestaShop is the real time tracking of earnings margin. The PrestaShop back office control panel supports several valuable graphs, such as the “Net Profit” graph that allows you to keep an eye on your earnings in real time.


PrestaShop Retailers with busy online shops will certainly find this element very helpful. As the profit margin change with time, merchants wishes to keep an eye on this graph. Yet, this is not the end of statics, other features are quite helpful.

·         Intelligent KPI’s

PrestaShop users can experience the joy of observing Smart Retailer KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on various pages of the store. All these markers are useful which show up on the different pages for example on “Orders” and “Customers” page.

The automated merchant KPIs available on the “Orders” page show conversion rates, typical order prices and overall earnings per visit during the last month, together with abandoned carts on daily basis.


At “Customers” page KPI shows gender and age demographics, as well as regular purchases per client and e-newsletter registrations. All information is highly needed by merchants and it is offered in a smart way.


·         PrestaShop Forecasting KPI’s

Forecasting is yet another significant PrestaShop tracking feature. The forecasting graph demonstrates retailers about their expected metrics for web traffic, conversion rates, typical cart rates, and product sales. The forecast for every value is shown on the basis of present and previous records.


Besides these giants capabilities, PrestaShop also provides stats via a separate “Stats” page , in which retailers can check their best-selling products, most beneficial clients, e-newsletter registrations, and other features.

The back office control panel also hosts an array of metrics which include online visitors, effective shopping carts, and others. You can also include Google Analytics to go deeper into stats.



So, we conclude that PrestaShop 1.6 provides best statistics. With real-time insight and appropriate KPIs distributed around the back office, PrestaShop provides retailers a distinctive statistical expertise which not only provides most needed data to retailers, but also handy when it comes to raise sales and revenue. Check more KPI’s and stats here.

TIP: How to Turn Off Default Stats for PrestaShop?

PrestaShop loads the default data when retailers logins to the back-end of their web-store. It is much easy to load the real data by turning off the default stats.

Here are the steps to do this task;

  • Login to the back-office.


  • You will go the dashboard of your store, scroll down at go to the bottom of the page, until you see the demo mode option.


  • Turn the demo mode off.

Now, you will be able to see real time data of your store.

Author Bio: This article is written by a guest blogger Simon Walker, a professional technical writer and eCommerce consultant. Follow on Twitter.


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