How to Make your PrestaShop Store Mobile Friendly – Google Guidelines

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The major search engines Google is planning to start up an algorithm in April 2015, which includes an indicator that websites which are mobile-friendly gets rankings raise in SERPs. Although, this is a single indicators among lot of other ones for ranking content, however it’s gonna be an important one.

Google Signal about Responsive Sites

According to Google “When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns

This announcement shows that Google is going to give edge to those sites that are responsive. Although, Google has not sent warning messages to those webmasters who have un-responsive sites however the site owners should keep this thing in mind. Every merchant have to think that if their sites are not mobile friendly, they are missing a great chance to rank better in SERPs.

When New Algorithm of Google Rolls out?                                           

The algorithm for responsive sites is going to take effect from April 21, 2015. Google has given the start date of this signal which shows that how severe Google is treating this issue. Experts say that it is going to influence mobile queries for all languages around the world and will create a great impact on SERPs.

How to Test Responsiveness?

If you are running a PrestaShop store, you have only two months to ensure the mobile friendliness of your site. Anyway, your first step should be to test your sites using Google’s Mobile-Friendly evaluation tool. Make use of this tool to check specific Web addresses.

PS 2

So, go to the testing tool and paste your website address. When you click on analyze button, it will take less than a minute to check your site that if it is mobile friendly on not. I have test PrestaShop website here and its test result looks like this:

PrestaShop f

Test Results

You can probably get two results after testing your site.

  1. You website is mobile friendly [If this comes on testing, then be happy because your site is well prepared for the upcoming Google Update.]. However, it might show the following sentences “This page uses 35 resources which are blocked by robots.txt. The results and screenshot may be incorrect.” In this case, check those resources and try to correct them by reading the guidelines.
  2. Your website is not mobile friendly [If this comes on testing, Google will show you the errors or deficiencies that are hindrance in making the site responsive]. These errors may include
  • “content wider than screen”Not friendly
  • ”uses incompatible plugins”
  • “links too close together”
  • “text too small to read”
  • “mobile viewport not set” 

In this case, check the possible solutions which Google gives you on the same page.

How to Make PrestaShop Mobile Friendly?

Google has also given the guidelines for how to make your store responsive? As we are talking about PrestaShop, we will discuss the same here;

PrestaShop 1.5 and Above Versions

In PrestaShop 1.5x and 1.6x, default theme is already mobile friendly. If you are using the same, you have no need to worry. In case, you are using a custom theme, make sure that it is responsive.

Default theme

PrestaShop 1.4x and below

For PrestaShop version 1.4x and below, you can download the responsive theme from here.

mobile fre

What to do when using a New Custom PrestaShop Theme?

If you are going to use a custom theme on your PrestaShop store, check the back-end demo and theme documentation and search for the words ‘Mobile’ or ‘responsiveness’. If unable to find these terms, put the front-end demo of that theme in Google Responsive Test tool and analyze it.  While purchasing a new custom template, also make sure that template is running with good speed. Speed of template can be checked from here.



Hopefully, these tips will help you to make your PrestaShop store responsive. Possessing a mobile-friendly shop is ideal for more than simply Google rankings. It’s excellent for your website visitors, and could create a real difference in your conversions. It will also help you to rank better beside the Google because most of the search engines take insight from Google.


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