PrestaShop Cloud Hosting – Top Questions and Answers Part – II


PrestaShop has officially announced in a video that PrestaShop Cloud Users are reached upto 400000. That is a big milestone as it is released recently and it has gain success in a short time.

Following my last roundup about PrestaShop cloud hosting problems and solutions that has received much appreciation from PrestaShop users; I am back with second part of this series. Hopefully, it will be helpful for new and experienced users of Cloud hosting. Keeping it really short, let’s start from here.

Problem No. 1

The Modules available at Official PrestaShop Market Place does not comply with my requirements. Can I use a 3rd party module on my PrestaShop Cloud Store?

PrestaShop cloud hosting does not allow using 3rd party modules. It is made free just with the intention that it will be helpful for newcomers who does not have enough expertise in PHP, SQL, Database etc.

Problem No. 2

I want to use my domain url that I have bought already, for my PrestaShop cloud hosting. Can I do that?

Yes, you can do that, just you have to put your already existing domain Cloud-Shop-Settings and it will works.

Problem No. 3

I have bought a theme [from PrestaShop official marketplace] to use on my PrestaShop cloud hosting store, but it don’t worked well. Can I use this theme for self hosted store?

You can’t use the theme for a self hosted sever. Only you can backup your date if your want to move to self hosted server.

Problem No. 4

How I can configure SMTP server for sending order mails to my customers in PrestaShop cloud?

There is own email server for PrestaShop cloud which you can use by checking “SendinBlue” account at the back-end. After activating it, go to the parameter page on SendinBlue and copy the password. Input this password in email settings in PrestaShop.

Problem No. 5

Since PrestaShop cloud don’t offers SSL certificate, can I buy it from a third party and install on PrestaShop hosted cloud store.

No. It’s not possible to use SSL from a third party for cloud version. PrestaShop is looking to provide SSL in the future. Wait till then.

Problem No. 6

I want to have a multiple vendor’s admin panel with a single frontend. Is it possible in PrestaShop cloud?

Yes, it is possible in PrestaShop hosted cloud; just you have to install a marketplace module available at the PrestaShop official marketplace and go forward.

Problem No. 7

I want to install Paypal Europe module [which is free to download from official marketplace] in my PrestaShop Cloud based store. I downloaded a zip file but when I tried to install it in Cloud, it doesn’t allow me as there is no such option. From where I can install it?

You don’t have need to download zip file from official market palce. Rather then Change you county localization other then USA e.g. Set a country of Europe. After doing that go to the modules section and search for Paypal, now you will be able to install Paypal Europe.

Problem No. 8

I want to add a new theme on my PrestaShop cloud, how can I install it and change the default theme?

You can do it simply by going to the PrestaShop cloud back-office.  Then Go to Preference>template>add template>new template. Search a new template and install it.

Problem No. 9

I want to change the Default expires duration on PrestaShop Cloud for static files which is one day by default. I want to change it to one month.

Go to your .htaccess file and add the following code there. Search the <ifmodule> directive and change it with following code:


<IfModule mod_headers.c>

<FilesMatch “\.(ico|ttf|php|tpl|otf|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|js|css|xml)$”>

Header set Cache-Control “max-age=2592000”

Header set Cache-Control “public”




Problem No. 10

My PrestaShop cloud store sometimes stuck with the certification issue as shown in the image. How can I fix it?


Use http instead of https in your url. Then it will work fine.

The today’s question answers session now completes here. These question/answers are taken from the PrestaShop forum. Let me know if you found this post useful or give suggestion by giving comments below.


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