Top Five Ecommerce Live Chat Software Comparison

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Recently I came to know about important news that PrestaShop has integrated Olark Live Chat into their platform. It is great news for those merchants who are lagging behind due to poor chat software functionality on their e-store. PrestaShop users can download this chat software from Official Addons marketplace or directly install from the back-office.

Following the same topic, I have done a research to know that what the main differences of different chat software are? And which one is better. I analyzed 5 top chat software and done a comparison between them. For merchant’s convenience, I have given the details of that comparison here so that they can choose the best of them.

Top Five Ecommerce Live Chat Software

  1. Olark
  2. Zopim
  3. LiveChat
  4. SnapEngage
  5. p3chat

So the comparison will be from different expects. I will keep it really short for better understanding.

Olark :Olark

Olark is considered the most stunning and productive solution to talk with your clients for quick sales and assistance. It was launched in August 2001. It can be checked free of cost (all plan) for 14 days. It has also a free plan by which merchants can do 20 conversations/month. Other plans start from 15 USD to 219USD. It provides SSL certificate, phone support and others amazing features for paid plans.


  • It is based on web-based application.
  • Desktop application performed through IM clients.
  • Provides chat statistics
  • Responsive
  • Multiple shops/users
  • Offline messages
  • Click Path Tracker
  • Fully Customizable
  • API enabled
  • Transfer to another users possible


  • No Native mobile application
  • Video Chat unavailable
  • Remote screenshot unavailable

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Zopim is a live chitchat help application that enables you to set up a widget on your store to talk and trade straight away to your online clients. It works with all browsers and mobile devices. It also provides real time traffic data of website visitors. It can be checked free of cost for 14 days. Its lite plan is totally free that can use for 1 shop. Other plans starts from 11.20USD and ends at 20USD. Although it does not provide SSL but gives detailed analytics.


  • It works for web-based applications
  • Native mobile application includes iOS for agents
  • Works best with mobile devices and HTML5 Environment
  • Chat statistics available
  • Can be used for multisite
  • Multiple operators support
  • Offline messages
  • Visual Customization possible
  • Give visitors details
  • Enable/disable pre-defined responses


  • IM (Google Talk, Jabber…) integration unavailable
  • Does not supports Cobrowsing
  • No Clickpath Tracker
  • Video Chat unavailable
  • Remote screenshot unavailable

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LiveChat is pretty convenient and easy-in-use, it is truly an effective live chat software program which enables you to market your products & assist your customers. It is available for use with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. It provides 30 Days free checking. Price plans starts from 16USD/month to 149USD/month/account.


  • It works for web-based applications
  • Desktop applications includes Windows, Mac OS X
  • Does not require flash
  • Responsive for all screen sizes
  • Provides detailed Chat statistics, graphs and reports
  • Multi-site and multi-operator
  • Conversation transcripts saves on main server and can be accessed from anywhere
  • Offline messages support
  • Cobrowsing available
  • Visual customization available
  • Gives visitor details by Geolocation


  • Video Chat unavailable

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SnapEngage is an easy and sleek live chat program. Useful engagement with your website visitors and build up your conversion with customers. 15 Days free testing of this software available. Use any of your desired messenger or mobile device to chat with SnapEngage. Its pricing plans starts from 49USD to 349USD/month.


  • It works for web-based applications
  • Desktop Applications supports through Google-talk and Skype IM clients on both Mac and Windows
  • Works for mobile devices
  • Detailed Chat Statistics and Google Analytics Integration
  • Multi-Site and multi-operator
  • Conversation transcripts available
  • Offline message support
  • View all visitors IP Address and User Geo Location.
  • Predefined responses using shortcuts
  • 26 languages support


  • No native app
  • No visitor monitoring
  • Video Chat unavailable

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P3chat is a simple to use live chat option aiding Skype and Google Talk and owning 20+ language support. Single code can be used for multiple website without any restrictions. 15 Days free testing of this software available. Packages start from 4.4USD to 11.19USD/month.


  • Web-based Application through rich web clients
  • IM (Google Talk, Jabber…) integration
  • Desktop Applications through IM clients on desktop and mobile
  • Native mobile application skype, GooglTalk, XMPP
  • Responsive for all mobile devices
  • Message history available
  • Multiple site and multiple operators
  • Conversation transcripts available
  • Offline messages support
  • View all visitors real time with geo, IP tracking
  • Predefined responses available


  • Cobrowsing unavailable
  • Limited visual customization
  • Video Chat unavailable
  • Remote screenshot unavailable

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9 thoughts on “Top Five Ecommerce Live Chat Software Comparison

  1. Nice list of live chat software, But if anyone looking for an alternative of these above listed chat solution then they can try eAssistance Pro on there website.

  2. A wonderful comparison but I am missing the Live2support here. I am using this software for last 6 years and find it perfect match for my requirements. 6 years ago After adding to my first website this service I have added further 3 more websites on my same account with paying any additional money. It has all the advance feature of co browsing to find out which page customer is browsing , snapshoting to access client computer with permission and a feature of call back also. All this has helped me to provide the customer right choice of product and ultimately has ensured a higher sales conversion rate on my website. This product is available at

  3. Great write-up – we always love to see a spotlight on live chat! One other handy tool that I wanted to add to SnapEngage’s features list is the ‘Call Me’ feature (enabled on all plans) that allows users the ability in one-click to be connected (by phone or computer) to the agent with whom they are chatting. For more information on this feature, visit:

  4. Excellent article!, I would also like to suggest using VeriShow – a tool that combines them all – For brand managers with online businesses that need to increase conversion rate and build customers loyalty, VeriShow is easy to use web enabled Chat, VoIP, Video, Content-Share and Co-browser system that adds human touch to online customer engagement activities. Unlike general-purpose e-mail and phone services, VeriShow provides a comprehensive personal engagement experience a business needs to influence prospects’ and customers’ behavior while in your web site. Solution is flexible and can be set so that customers can engage vendors from their PC/Laptop, mobile devices or on premise Kiosks.

  5. Great article, Amelia! I’ve been looking at a few live chat software providers myself, and would to suggest Click4Assistance, as they are the best UK live chat provider. They offer 100% customisation, mobile compatibility, and it can be integrated into both the website or even a downloadable software! I’ve noticed that there have been no other replies suggesting Click4Assistance, so when you are free check out their website at

    Let me know what you think!

  6. Great advice Amelia! Live chat plat an important roles maximize eCommerce sales and customer supports. We have recently launched an unique and multi-channel customer support channels including video chat, co-browsing, and screen sharing. We have already developed plugins and extension for almost all ecommerce and CMS platforms. And we will be rolling out PrestaShop integration soon.

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