Top 5 SEO Modules for PrestaShop Ecommerce Stores

It is the sole desire of each ecommerce PrestaShop merchants to see his website at first page of Google and other search engine. It’s not difficult when you provide a unique product that no one other is providing i.e. zero completion. Obviously your store will ranks at first position but in most of the cases, you have to face and beat a lot of competitors.

You make an excellent online store, its design, layout and content is perfect but all these things can’t give you surety that store will rank at first page. The reason is that SEO is a big factor you’re missing for your store. Now, you might be thinking of hiring a seo company.


After reading the today’s PrestaShop roundup, you will be able to know that you have no need to hire seo expert instead you can use some seo modules to get achieve the sole purpose i.e. to rank at first page.

Given below the top SEO Modules, that can make your store appearing at first page of Google. Basically these modules help to set Meta information and URLs of the site along with some other features. So let’s start from here;

Top 5 SEO Modules for PrestaShop

  1. PrestaShop Page Cache Module

This PrestaShop Page Cache Module saves the webpages on server and configures them for quick browsing. In this way, PrestaShop does not need to load the pages again and again resulting in reduction of loading time of the store.


Top features

  • Enable caching for all pages of the webstore.
  • AJAX request exclusion for the pages.
  • Display speed statistics on pages if enabled from the backend.
  • Cache can be deleted from the back-end.
  • Module can be used at multi-stores.

Merchants Benefits

  • Chance of more sales.
  • Search Engine Friendly.
  • Least resources needed ram, cpu etc.
  • Lowest load on hosting server.

Customers Benefit

  • Fast shopping experience
  • Better navigation on the store.


  1. FME’s URLs Cleaner for PrestaShop

This PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module removes IDs, numbers, tags, question marks, ampersand and equal signs from the PrestaShop store urls, thus making them user and search engine friendly.


Top features

  • Works for all pages of the web-store.
  • Cleans the urls from all useless signs
  • Automatic updating of urls after module installation.
  • Redirects old urls to news urls.

Merchants Benefits

  • Better website ranks.
  • URLs relevancy with the actual content.

Customers Benefit

  • Track the required information quickly by analyzing the pages through urls.
  • Easy navigation through categories and pages.


  1. Redirects PrestaShop Module

This redirects PrestaShop module is helpful to create unlimited number of 301, 302 and 303 URL redirects, thus avoiding the 404 errors. It avoids the customers from page errors and gives them better browsing facility.


Top features

  • Unlimited redirects.
  • Massive or selective redirection facility.
  • Internal/external redirections.
  • Three type of redirects i.e. 301, 302 and 303.

Merchants Benefits

  • Saves time by automatic redirection.
  • Better SEO.

Customers Benefit

  • Optimal browsing experience.
  • No worry of 404 errors.


  1. PrestaShop Duplicate Content handler Module

PrestaShop Duplicate Content handler Module is a powerful solution to handle duplicate content on PrestaShop website. This plugins adds rel=canonical or rel=next/prev & noindex to multiple urls. It is also helpful to generate an optimal robot.txt file.

duplicate content handler

Top features

  • Automatic process for adding canonicals.
  • Adds noindex to unlimited number of pages.
  • Automatic noindex for Order, Authentication, Search.
  • txt files optimization and generation.

Merchants Benefits

  • Saves time of manual canonical tag configuration.
  • Better according to SEO. Saves from Google Panda

Customers Benefit

  • Better website browsing


  1. PrestaShop Advance SEO Module

This PrestaShop advance SEO module helps the e-merchants to configure the Meta tag, title and description automatically. This is a perfect tool for on page optimization which works for all pages of a web-store e.g. product, category and cms pages.


Top features

  • Uses intelligent algorithm to set meta information.
  • Set keyword length to 2, 3, 5 or as required.
  • Specify the occurrence of words in the content for choosing keywords.

Merchants Benefits

  • It increases CTR and ranking of website.
  • Saves time for manual configuration of Meta.
  • Suitable for those merchants who are not expert enough to set Meta manually.

Customers Benefit

  • Find the best website on search engine.

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