9 Experts Reveal Which Blog Type Is Suitable for PrestaShop

Now a day, content is the king among all the seo techniques. It is the most effective tool to improve the website ranks in Google and other search engines. When it comes to PrestaShop store, it is quite important and almost every store owns a blog on his store. Unfortunately, PrestaShop is not providing blog by default. However merchants can make use of blog using two techniques.

  • WordPress integrated blog into PrestaShop installed in a subfolder.
  • A local blog created by a blog module.

Following the same, I have done a survey from 9 PrestaShop experts including PrestaShop Forum community members, blogger and developers to know that which blog type is better for PrestaShop store and why?

Experts copy

My simple question from all of them was, “If you need a blog on your PrestaShop store which type you will choose, a WP integrated blog or PrestaShop blog Module?”

Keeping it really short given below the views of top PrestaShop experts;

Miłosz Myszczuk – PrestaShop US Moderatorvekia

I will definitely integrate blog with shop as a module, it will be a part of shop, and I think it’s much better than an “external” page. More traffic = more possibilities to sell something from store.

Alastair Brian – Senior Web Developer at FMEModulesalastair

According to me, it’s better to install WordPress in a sub directory or on a sub domain of PrestaShop store in order to allow you to add a blog to your store. For more convenience, I prefer to use a blog module to get blog on my website.

Ian Kibble – Web Designer at websiteincian

If you want to run a blog on your PrestaShop website, the decision of whether to integrate WordPress, or use a blog module comes down to what you want to achieve with both your store and your blog.

If you are simply looking to increase internal links, on-site customer interaction and drive traffic directly to the store and its main domain, using a PrestaShop module would be the right choice for you.  It also has the added benefit of holding both the blog and main shop under one administrative dashboard.  This is potentially the easier option of the two to set up and maintain because everything is in one place and uses a familiar environment.

If however you are looking to increase back links for SEO purposes, promote a knowledge base, enhance the credibility of the author and perhaps attract an audience for the store in a neutral location then a separate WordPress hosted blog integrated into the store via links and pages would be the option to go for.  Some people are put off visiting and reading blogs that are primarily buried in a store for fear of continually being ‘sold’ to.  A separately hosted WordPress blog would give you the option for it stand alone as a sub domain e.g. “blog.yourstore.com” or on a completely separate domain e.g. “thisiswhatyouwanttoreadandnotastore.com.”

The question should force you to look deeper into what you really want. Both have their benefits and downsides but once you answer the question; “what do you want from a blog?” then your answer should become clearer.

Taoufiq Ait Ali – Web Developer and SEO ExpertTaoufiq

Each other have its own advantages, Blog module uses same backend as PrestaShop but it has limited functionality while in the case of WordPress integrated blog, you need to customize it to have same design as that of PrestaShop store and you can get more blogging advantages. However in this case, WordPress and PrestaShop store have to use two back-offices. In my case I will chose WordPress as I’m a developer and I can customize and mange the WordPress along with PrestaShop.

Alain Follete – Manager At PrestaShopAlain

For me, I’m technical user and in this case I prefer use a WordPress blog and plug it on my store.

Damien VERON – Blogger at capillotracteur TrogloGeektrog

As a technician, I would prefer an integrated PrestaShop module, only one app to maintain, but the resulting set of features would be limited. But it would not take advantage on the high number of modules available in dedicated blog solutions.

I would not take a WordPress for myself because it does not fit my technological requirements (flat programming instead of OOP, high maintenance costs, really loosy typing code where many functions are called dynamically by their name)… Well I did for my blog, but that was a “learning case” choice, many people do not want a blog, they want a WordPress, so I forced myself to use it to learn maintaining it and programming modules for it.

In many cases, the marketing advantage of proposing a WordPress to a client will outweigh other criteria but I would try as often as possible to avoid this application.

Last time I had the choice, DotClear was a far better choice, a better code using Object Oriented Programming, and programming modules for it had a far lesser cost so it allowed me to deliver the client what he wanted exactly, easier develop/prepare/produce workflow, but few clients would consider a solution they don’t know about.

Krystian Podemski – Developer At PrestaHomeKry

I’ll be honest and… I would use a blog module, it’s a great solution that has everything what the owner of an online store would like to have, better integration with PrestaShop, no need to install additional software, to have separate administration panel – all in one place.

Of course, there are many great solution for integrate WordPress with PrestaShop so at the end here is a choice, for me it’s better to have everything in one place but sometimes of course built-in module is not good enough.

Vincent Beudez – Product Manager at PrestaShopvincent

As a “normal” PrestaShop user, my first choice will be to add a module. This is easy, not expensive and I’m not expert in configuring PrestaShop. For now, at the beginning, I don’t need more.

But if I’ve been running my shop for a while, if I know well PrestaShop and if I think it’s time to take the best solution, I would choose to integrate WordPress’ blog. There are more possibilities and it’s not difficult to configure it once installed.

My opinion is that a common user will first chose the easiest solution and buy a module that have most of the functionalities. And when you want to go forward, your shop is going well, I think it’s time to take a better tool.

I would compare it to PrestaShop in general. As a beginner, you can do whatever you want with the modules (it’s even more easy with PrestaShop Cloud). You can run successful shop, make a lot of orders. And when it’s time to go higher, you need an agency or a PrestaShop expert.

Saad Durrani – Digital Content Producer at Cloudwayssaad

I will prefer WordPress because there is a lot of help behind it. A blog module is a great idea, but there will be a lot of work required on user experience.


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