21th April 2015 Google Mobile Responsive Update! Is Your Online Shop is Responsive for Mobile?

If you’ve read about the Google’s new update, then it might not be surprising for you, but if you still not aware about the update, which is about to roll out on 21st of April, 2015, then you must pay heed to my words.

The Google is bringing a new algorithm update on the 21st, which says that on the mobile devices, only those websites will be shown in search results, which are optimized for mobiles. That means, either your website must be responsive or you must have a mobile domain of your website.

Also, the websites must pass the Google’s mobile friendly test. Only then, you can be sure on search engine friendliness of your website (for the mobile phones).

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google mobile optimization

What if I don’t make my online shop responsive for mobiles?

Don’t worry, you will not be blocked from the Google’s search results, but, your ranking will be affected in a negative manner.Google delivers the relevant search results to its mobile users, and owing to this update, it will show only those websites above in the search results, which give a good user experience to the mobile users. If your website will not be mobile compatible, Google will not give it a place in search results.That means, you will be loosing prospective customers to your stores, who use their mobile phones to find the things. So, you must make your shop ready for the mobile phones, so that you wouldn’t loose visitors.

Every shop owner likes that more and more people visit its shop everyday, but if its shop wouldn’t be mobile compatible, then it will not happen anymore.

How can I make my shop mobile compatible?

If you have got your online shop created by some company, then consult them about making it mobile compatible. But, if you don’t have the budget to get it done from the professionals, then, you may change the theme of your shop by yourself also. Replace the old theme with the responsive theme.You may easily create your responsive PrestaShop theme for the shop, all by yourself. TemplateToaster is a tool that can be easily used by you to design a responsive PrestaShop theme for your shop. It provides a WYSIWYG style editor for designing the theme and then automatically produces the source code. You may install that theme in the PrestaShop, and your shop will become compatible with mobile phones of any size and make.

Anyways, it is up to you that what on what way should you go, but in the end, your online shop must be compatible with the mobile phones, before 21st.

What extra you should do for your website?

It is very important that your website (online shop) will come in the search results on the first page, if you want to draw more benefits to you. For this, your website must be optimized, very well for the search engines. Therefore, I have collected some good SEO modules for PrestaShop stores, which will give the SE friendly benefits to your website.

PrestaShop Page Cache Module

This module helps in reducing the loading time of website by saving the website pages on the server. You can use this module for multi-stores.

PrestaShop Advance SEO Module

This module does the On-page optimization of website by automatic setting of Metatag, title, and description. It helps in increasing the CTR (click-through rate) of the websites.

 URL Optimization Module for PrestaShop

This module creates the search engine friendly clean URLs of website’s pages. The URLs generated by this module follow the search engine guidelines, which carry the potential to come in the search results.

Author Bio: Davis Brown is an Internet Marketer. He is an expert in his job. Also, he is a tech enthusiast, and writes about the emerging trends in web world whenever he finds time.


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