Top Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus Groups to get Support about PrestaShop

There are a lot of social networks but the big 3 of them are Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. To assist the PrestaShop users and merchants, I have enlisted below some top social media resource through which they can get best support related to PrestaShop installation, management and handling. These resources include Facebook, LinkedIn groups and Google plus communities. I have not enlisted Twitter here because due to word count limit in tweets and DMs, it’s not effective as compared to other medias.

Why to Go on Social Media?

You will be thinking that when a helpful community is available in the form of PrestaShop Forum, then why people go on Social Media. This is true that forum is the best place to get support, but you can prefer Social Media Groups;

  • If you’re not well supported on forum.
  • If you like simplicity and just want to get help using your social profiles rather than signup on the forum. Asking help is easy in social media.
  • To get a quicker support.
  • Social media is bit informal; you can ask any question freely.
  • Your activity is strictly monitored on Forum; especially the links are checked for spamming. This restriction is less in social media.
  • People of some countries like to get help from groups that are in their native language rather than going to forum specially Spanish and Brazilian users.

I will mention top Facebook groups in today’s roundup, and Google Plus and LinkedIn groups will be discussed in the next post.

Top 6 Facebook Groups

facebook groups

Enlisted below some top Facebook groups through which you can get best support. I will also mention top members of the groups who have helping behavior and are active also.

  1. PrestaShop

prestashop This is the biggest Facebook groups with 988 members. It has little bit weak moderation for advertising a promotion. Those interested to showcase their modules and themes; they can get most visibility on this group.

Top Active Members


  1. PrestaShop Brazil


This is the most active group among other Facebook Groups. It has 950 members till know.  Most of the people belong to Brazil and its nearby areas. It’s the best place to get help, if you can understand and write Brazilian language. I am giving below

Top Active Members


  1. Online Store PrestaShop Spain

Presta tinda

This is the 3rd Largest Facebook Groups with about 643 members. You can get a quick help from this group.

Top Active Members


  1. PrestaShop

PrestaShop services

This group provides an equal opportunity to showcase your modules and themes and also get help from there. It has about 475 active members.

Top Active Members


  1. PrestaService


According to about us of this group “Introduce best of your services to PrestaShop world”, this group provides the best opportunity to show off your products. You can ask help related to PrestaShop installation, configuration and management.

Top Active Members


  1. ComunidadePrestaShop

Prestashop 2

This is also a Brazilian based group having about 175 members. It is a good choice for you, if you’re looking for help.

Top Active Members


These Facebook groups gives you an equal opportunity to showcase your services to the PrestaShop users and also if you have a PrestaShop store and facing issues, you can get quick help from here. By joining these groups, you will get best support in a simple way.

At the end, I want to mention my own experience that I found Spanish(3) and Brazilian Group(2) most helpful.

Stay tune to this blog to get roundup of top Google Plus and LinkedIn groups in my next post.


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