Top 6 Google Plus Communities to Get Support about PrestaShop

In last Friday round, I talked about Top 6 Facebook Groups to get support about PrestaShop and also discussed that why people love to Go on Social Media to get solution of their problems about PrestaShop?

For this time, I decided to write about Top 6 Google plus communities. Hopefully this post will also make its worth just like the previous one. My criteria for selecting the best community are that how much members have joined this community but this does not make sense to consider it top. Therefore, I will mention at the end that quality wise which communicates are worth to join. So let’s start from here;

Top 6 Google+ Communities


Listed below some top Google+ Communities through which you can get best support. I will also mention top members of the groups who have helping behavior and are active also. I will mention them to pay a tribute so that they will help the others in future with more courage.

  1. PrestaShop en EspañolSpanish G+

This is the most active and biggest community, whose native language is Spanish but anyone related to PrestaShop can join this community to get help and to help others.

Top Active Members


  1. PrestaShopPrestaShop 11

This is an expert PrestaShop community as you will find a lot of members PrestaShop official forum here like Milosz Myszczuk, Lesley Paone, Benjamin Utterback etc. This is most helping community where you can ask for any type of help related to PrestaShop.

Top Active Members


  1. PrestaShop ThailandThiland

This is third largest community natively belongs to Thailand. Therefore, If don’t understand the language well, it will difficult for you to participate. You can discuss here about PrestaShop modules, themes, tips and tutorials.

Top Active Members


  1. SEO for PrestaShopSEo for PrestaShop

This Google+ community is related to SEO in PrestaShop. You can share seo tips and tricks related to PrestaShop. This community has a lot to learn about SEO.

Top Active Members


  1. PrestaShop ForumPrestaShop Forum

This community is not too much active; however you can join to learn more about PrestaShop.

Top Active Members


  1. PrestaShop Guruguru

This is an Italian community with more than 160 members. The community members are quite helping. If you have any question related to PrestaShop, top experts will help you in this community.

Top Active Members


This was all about PrestaShop Google+ communities, if you have any suggestion, feel free to comment below. Keep in touch with this blog to know about top LinkedIn Groups next week.


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