Get Ready for PrestaShop Day on June 11, 2015

8th Editions of PrestaShop day event is coming ahead on June 11, 2015 in Paris France. This is the biggest community event for PrestaShop where developers, entrepreneurs, web-merchants, agencies and talented minds will get together to make PrestaShop and ecommerce world more advance. About 2000 attendees are expected to come in this event that is basically the biggest event in Europe.

PrestaShop Day

History of PrestaShop Day

PrestaShop day event held after every 2 years. Its last event was in November 2013. It was previously called PrestaShop BarCamp but now its new name PrestaShop Day is adopted worldwide due to the reason that it is not actually in a BarCamp style event. All the images used in this post are taken from PrestaShop Day official website.

Purpose of PrestaShop Day

It is a golden opportunity for attendees to meet with top entrepreneurs, participate in workshops, introduce your skills, and learn from success stories of others. Also you have a chance to win multiple prizes by introducing great ideas. Given below some top benefits for different people;


According to founder of PrestaShop Bruno Leveque, “In just a few years it has become a essential meeting place for all lovers of e-commerce. It was important for me to allow our community to share and exchange under the sign of conviviality, with experts allowing them to grow and still more successful.”

Activities at PrestaShop Day

There will be following activities at PrestaShop day;

  • Keynote from PrestaShop Founder
  • Conference and round tables
  • Workshops
  • Audit free shops
  • Spontaneous speech of different speakers
  • Dev Battles competition for Developers
  • Recruitment Opportunities in PrestaShop/partners/sponsors
  • Technical Answers Session
  • 15 mint SEO Audit of winning website
  • PrestaShop Awards Ceremony

Location and Date

Exact location of this event is Carreau du Temple, 4, rue Eugène Spuller 75003 Paris.

Exact Time is from 9am to 7pm on 11 June 2015.

How to Participate?

To participate in PrestaShop, you can register and buy ticket worth € 20.

More Details


This is a golden opportunity for all the persons who are related to PrestaShop in any way. They can promote their business and they have a lot to learn from this event.


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