Top 4 One Step Checkout PrestaShop Modules Comparison

Multi Step Checkout is the most common reason of high abandoned cart rates in PrestaShop. It is quite natural that customer loves to shop faster within no time after they make a decision to purchase a product.  Multi-step checkout involves many times mouse clicking and customer may get tired in the whole process. Given below some top reasons why customers may leave the store during multi-step checkout;

  • It takes more time therefore customer may leave it to do some other important work.
  • Power outage may interrupt the checkout
  • Slow internet connection or disconnection may leave the customer to abandoned cart.
  • Customers may be annoyed by multiple number of steps.

If multi-step checkout is not so effective then why not go ahead for simple and smooth one step checkout. This is proven by top blogs demacmedia, lemonstand, getelastic, baymard, kissmetrics that most of the customer that one step checkout is better than multi-step checkout.

Top 4

How to make your checkout one step in PrestaShop?

Unfortunately One step checkout is not available by default in PrestaShop and merchants who want to set one step checkout need to customize their checkout. However one step checkout modules are available in the market that you can use best for your store. Given below a quick comparison of different modules developed by different companies.

1.      One Step Checkout Module by FMEModules

One Step Checkout by FMEModules provides most customized and simple checkout. This is compatible with different payment solutions like Paypal, Bankwire, Cheque, Cashondelivery, Payulatam, Pagseguro, Ogone, Ferbuy, Vtpayment, Adyen, Pigmbhpaymill, Sofortbanking, Realexredirect. This plugin involves no page reloads and allows guest checkout.

ONE step checkout by FMEModules

Name: One Step Checkout Module

Reviews: 9 Review with live examples

Price: €80

Rank: 1st page

2.      One Step Checkout Module by BELVG

In One Step Checkout by BELVG, customers can see their cart detail on one step checkout page and they can delete any product from there. The customers who are already logged in have no need to fill the fields. It supports guest checkout without page reloads.
one step checkout by belvg
Name: One Page Checkout PS

Reviews: 11 Votes

Price: €79.99

Rank: 1st page

3.      One Step Checkout Module by presteamshop

One Step Checkout by presteamshop provides more customization options like admin can change the title of fields, add/remove fields, and give default values to fields, auto password generation for customer accounts and others. It also supports guest checkout.
Name: One Page Checkout PS

Reviews: 2 comments

Price: €80

Rank: 1st page

4.      One Step Checkout Module by canin

Canin provides most powerful and professional layout for one step checkout page. It supports inline validation, error messages, payment method selection by radio buttons, page fading, support for virtual goods and others.



Reviews: 31 comments

Price: €79.90

Rank: 1st page

Final Remarks

Prices of all the modules are same just the difference is functionality and features. Each module has its own unique features. If you want to buy any of them, look at your requirement and find the similar one here. If you like a simple checkout then One Step Checkout Module by FMEModules(1) is best to use. In other case, you like more options, then One Step Checkout module by canin(4) is perfect.

At the end, If you have used any of the above module, don’t forget to share your experience here.


5 thoughts on “Top 4 One Step Checkout PrestaShop Modules Comparison

  1. We used ‘one click product checkout’ by community Developer of Prestashop and this module is not working. Total wastage of money and time, the developer is not resolving the issue and demanding unnecessary money in the name of fixing the issue.

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