Great News for PrestaShop Users – New Pricing Feature Integrated

Pricing is one of the main factor over which sale of products heavily depends. A customer who thinks that prices are high for a product just leaves the store resulting in abandoned cart. This is probably the most important cause of heavy cart abandonment rates of a store.

In today’s PrestaShop Roundup, I addressed the same issue and discussed that how it can be avoided using new feature of PrestaShop

How to Address this Issue?

If you’re a PrestaShop web-merchant, price bargaining is a feature that can be used to bring back the lost sales. According to which, you have to allow the customers to bargain the prices of products directly on the product pages. May be some of the merchants are already using this feature after installing Paid modules but now there is a great news for you.

PrestaShop with the partnership of PriceWaiter have integrated this feature free of cost in PrestaShop backend. You just have to install this PriceWaiter module on your store and all will be done smoothly.

How PrestaShop PriceWaiter Module Works

This PrestaShop PriceWaiter Module will create a make an offer button on product pages of your store. Customers interested to bargain clicks on the button to make an offer/quote. Merchant can accept/reject the offer. If offer is accepted, customer will be allowed to add that product to cart at negotiated price.

PriceWait Button

Other Features of PriceWaiter Module

This module offers multiple added functionalities as given below;

  • Button Customization
  • Time binding Offers
  • Exit intent offers
  • Unlimited Offers and Orders
  • Automation Tools
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Real time messaging
  • Order Call back
  • Checkout Redirect
  • Template Messages
  • Priority Support
  • Optional Button Branding

You can check more details of these features here.

According to a press release, General Manager of PrestaShop “Kenneth Cruz” said that “We’re committed to building strong relationships with our merchants by listening carefully to their needs. Our merchants tell us that personalization is one of the features that their shoppers request most frequently. The ability for a shopper to name their price during a transaction benefits both parties: the shopper feels a greater degree of control over the purchase and more loyalty to the merchant, who reciprocates the loyalty and captures additional revenue in the process. By offering this technology, we’re helping our merchants get off the comparison shopping ‘race-to-the-bottom’ and helping them sell more right away. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

Stephen Culp , CEO of PriceWaiter said that “Until recently, merchants and their customers had no efficient means to negotiate the prices of most online purchases. This resulted in immeasurable lost sales for thousands of merchants. We set out to change that by offering a technology that facilitates a smooth, private transaction between buyer and seller that can be implemented anywhere on the web. PrestaShop’s networks of merchants are collectively running more than 230,000 stores in 165 countries. Merchants will be able to implement this technology quickly and begin selling more, immediately.

How to install this Module?

This module will be available by default in PrestaShop store backend i.e. simple click and install works for it. However, initially this module is only available to use in U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. In the near future, it will be available for other countries.

Final Remarks

PrestaShop team is doing a great job by providing extra functions in default modules. Recently Olark Chat software was integrated in PrestaShop and now this time Price offer module. Hopefully, that will bring more sales and you will get a reason to enjoy.


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