PrestaShop Version Released – What’s inside?

Most of the PrestaShop users were thinking that PrestaShop will do major architecture changes in version 1.7 but that remained a prediction after the release of PrestaShop According to PrestaShop official sources, they have done a lot of work and have done 10x efforts to make the newer version more advanced that is just like releasing 1.7 versions.

Coming to the point that what’s inside PrestaShop and why it is called a mile stone in PrestaShop version history?


It’s just not the logo and color changes but really it is more than that. The most prominent thing that you would like to know that PrestaShop will give you 65% more speed and performance.

Given below some top features that are included in this new version;

BackOffice Improvement

PrestaShop has done major changes to improve visibility and contrast of backend. It is simpler than that includes logo, color and other minor changes. The new blue/red option switches are strange now instead of green/red Yes/No buttons.


According to PrestaShop Official blog, now the speed of the software will be 200 times faster enabling the merchants to sell more during high traffic periods. This is made to be possible by intelligent use of SQL queries and by improving php core.

The problem of cache is eliminated which is we think the main hindrance for speed and performance. Custom smarty module is included inside that has removed the cache forcing on a shared file system (NFS).

Also product import feature is faster. Memory usage and search indexing speed is improved. Asynchronous loading is now possible for cart rules and categories.

Advance Coding Standard

PrestaShop is going to use a new coding standard PSR-2 Coding which will be helpful to keep code integrity which give ease to all contributors to join the project at github and follow the central PHP environment. This advance standard will remove the complexity and incompatibility between codes. All the PrestaShop Module developers have now to make their modules according to this new standard. PrestaShop has asked the PrestaShop Modules Developers to update their modules for current coding standard.

“Advanced EU Compliance” Module

PrestaShop has included Advanced EU Compliance module at the backend which contains about 15 payment rules. As you all know that local EU price regulations are quite tough to cater with. Therefore this module will be a great addition at the backend and legal compliance issues will be fixed.

Tax and Price Rounding

Rounding off prices and new tax rules are included in this latest version.

Semantic Versioning Scheme

In this past, PrestShop version and prefixes are random and no one was able to predict that what does it mean by changing in a version number either it is bux fix, improvement or new features. From now PrestaShop has decided to follow a regular pattern named SemVer (semantic versioning) by which the readers can judge that the entity is updated in the version. For, 1.6 will represent the main version, 1 will be minor update, and 0 will be a patch.

Invoice layout

The bill looks different and has been broken down into several template files. In addition, a free text for legal information can be displayed.

Minor Improvement

Some of the minor improvements are new e-mail Input fields, , warning for PHP Version less than 5.4, new hooks product-list.tpl, in blocknewsletter.tpl and in the back office for the robots.txt creation, abbreviation in cross-selling module etc.

PrestaShop has improved a lot of things specially the speed/performance optimization, new rules for taxation and rounding off prices etc.


Top 4 PrestaShop Checkout Custom Fields Module of Different Developers – Review

What you will do for tracking the referral source of sales on your PrestaShop store?

Most of the people use Google analytics for conversion tracking but this tracking can be made more effective by some other ways like adding a new field at the customer checkout page asking from the client that from where they are referred to the store. This will be a kind of double authentication and will aid you in conversion tracking and sales analysis.

New fields are just not limited to conversion tracking, you can utilize text field, text area, date, yes/no, multi-select, drop-down, checkbox, radio button, and message only for other purpose as per their need. Therefore adding new fields at checkout of PrestaShop is most important thing to know.

How to Add New fields in PrestaShop Store?

By default PrestaShop don’t allows to create fields at checkout page. It needs an intelligent customization in the core files. But now you have no need to worry as custom fields modules are available from different developers in the market that can make your work really simple with just a little budget. Given below a review of custom fields creator modules by different developers;

Top 4 PrestaShop Checkout Modules

  1. PrestaShop Custom Fields Module by FME

PrestaShop Custom Fields Module by FME helps the e-merchants to create unique fields like message only through which merchants can display a custom message to customers at checkout. Checkbox and radio button benefits in understanding the customer behavior towards your site. You can allow merchant to show refer a friend in text fields to refer that product to friends. You can add delivery timing and payment options on checkout page using this plugin.

Name: Custom Fields

Reviews: 4

Price: €44

Ranks: 2 (Google)

  1. PrestaShop Custom Fields Plugin by Official Marketplace

This module allows creating unlimited no of fields at checkout page which will be validated when filled by the customers. Admin and customers can edit the data once entered. Custom fields date can be exported to the pdf invoice. Admin can search customers by these custom fields at BackOffice.

Name: Custom fields Module

Reviews: 35 Votes

Price: 39,99 €

Ranks:  1

  1. PrestaShop Custom Field Module by BELVG

This PrestaShop Custom Fields Module allows adding text field, date, checkbox, multiple select, yes/no, drop down on checkout page. You can choose that which field appear at which step. You can enable/disable fields to show on admin order page. This module has limitation of version i.e. can’t be used with PrestaShop 1.6x. This module also seems costly with almost the same features.

Name: Checkout fields

Reviews: 0

Price: 52.71 €

Ranks:  24

  1. PrestaShop Custom Field Module by PrestaShop Marketplace

This Module helps to add unlimited no. of fields at checkout page. This plugins supports all type of fields and also have an auto field validator. Admin can set default values also. You can select the checkout step at which you want to add a field. Admin can enable/disable fields or make them optional/mandatory. This module works with PrestaShop 1.5x and 1.6x.

Name: Custom Fields Module

Reviews: 0

Price: 49,99 €

Ranks: Nill


After careful comparisons of features, reviews and prices, I came to know that the module PrestaShop Custom Fields Module by FME (1) is best out of these having positive reviews of customers on their website. Also the PrestaShop Custom Fields Plugin by Official Marketplace (2) has lot of downloads and votes.

PrestaShop Day June 2015 – Activities and Outcomes

PrestaShop is emerging shopping cart with revenue of 15M$, 250000 stores and 5000000 downloads. Recently, PrestaShop Day was held on June 11, 2015 which was the biggest and most successful event in 2015 in ecommerce community. PrestaShop was expecting the participants and attendees to approach 2000 and that came true on June 11, 2015. In today’s PrestaShop roundup, I will try to give you a recap of that event. What activities were performed that day and what are their outcomes.

PrestaShop day images

Facts and Figures about PrestaShop Day 2015

Previous name of PrestaShop day was PrestaShop Barcamp which was first organized in 2008 having 150 attendees and now this count increased upto 2000 out of which 58% were merchants, 25% developers and 17% were designers.

prestashop day 1

There were only 5 collaborators in 2007 and now they are reached upto 120. Representative of 15 different countries participated in the event with 3 official languages. PrestaShop live stream was available online to view in any region of the world on YouTube.

prestaShop day 2

100+ websites are SEO audited, 10957 smiles exchangedJ. PrestaShop Day got 2nd Trending topic in France. 500+ average participants attended each conference. 3888000 minutes of ecommerce discussions during which 1 audit space with 13 specialties, 8 workshops, 15 stands, 6 corners and 1 conference area with 26 speakers. 1500 goodie bags gifted, 15 trophies awarded to community members.

prestashop 3

PrestaShop Day Keynote

PrestaShop day was filled with lot of activities, conferences, discussion and workshops. Many new things were introduced like WeCommerce Visual presentation, PrestaShop Developers integration fund, Ambassadors program, products updates and others. A keynote or motto was announced by Bruno Leveque, Octave Klaba, Nicolas Ferrary and Charles Wells and that was “WeCommerce is better Ecommerce”.

prestaShop we commerce

See PrestaShop Day Presentations

See PrestaShop Day Photographs

Mission of PrestaShop Day

Mission of PrestaShop day is to give anyone, in any country around the world, the ability to open up a successful online store.


PrestaShop Day was a great opportunity to promote, learn and know everything about PrestaShop. If you missed this event, don’t be scary just wait for the next event which hopefully will be help in 2017.

All the information given here is taken from Official PrestaShop Blog.

Top 4 PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module of Different Developers – Review

Generally, urls are of two types e.g. ugly and pretty url. An ugly url contains session/product ids, tags, search parameter, calendar parameters and filters while the clean urls are free from any of the useless component.

To understand difference of both urls, here is a quick example. When we go to Youtube channel of Justin Briber, there are two possibilities for the urls to appear;




Which urls you like to see or visit; obviously the first one. Because you know that it is most relevant to the search that we want. Therefore, first url can be called as a pretty url. We all know that Search engine likes those things that are liked by visitors. Therefore, pretty urls are most important for seo of a store.

PrestaShop URLs

Same is the case in PrestaShop where urls become ugly after addition of sorting parameter, filters, calendar issues, broken links etc. PrestaShop adds product id like that should be cleaned to Some people argue that this id does not make any difference, For those when we check top shopping carts like Magento, OpenCart that has no such id in their url. It shows that somehow it is better to remove them.

Why cleaning URLs is difficult in PrestaShop?

It is difficult for merchants to clean thousands of their urls therefore use of such plugins can make this process simple. Such modules have ability to redirect the old ugly url to clean url automatically.

It was just an introduction of pretty and ugly urls, don’t going here in deep as it goes away the scope of this article “Top 5 PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module of Different Developers”. Anyone who want to understand more, can read the below mentioned articles;

Coming to the point, given below pretty urls module of different companies to make the decision of buying any of the modules easy;

Top 4 Friendly URLs Modules

PrestaShop Pretty Urls Module

PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module by FME

This PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module removes dynamically generated tags, numbers, ids, signs and symbols from product pages, categories, CMS pages, manufacturers and suppliers. Support new version of PrestaShop from 1.5x to

Name: PrestaShop Pretty URLs

Reviews: 15 Reviews

Price: €29

Rank: First Page of Google

More information

PrestaShop Pretty URL – Improve SEO by BVK

This PrestaShop Pretty URL removes product ids from all pages and makes the urls structure as If you are already using canonical redirections, this module does not affect them.

Name: PrestaShop Pretty URL – Improve SEO

Reviews: No Reviews

Price: Original Price €40

Rank: First Page of Google

More Information

PrestaShop Pretty / Clean URLs PRO by mypresta

This PrestaShop Pretty/clean urls Pro module remove is from product, category, cms, manufacturer and supplier pages. Just turning on or off the clean ulr can make the url clean/ugly.

Name: PrestaShop Pretty / Clean URLs PRO

Reviews: No Reviews

Price: Original Price €29.99

Rank: Second Page of Google

More Information

Friendly urls for PrestaShop

This Friendly urls for PrestaShop modules makes the urls seo friendly by removing ID from it. This module doesn’t works with SSL as mentioned in a comment on this module page. Also this module is not compatible with PrestaShop 1.6.

Name: Friendly URLs for PrestaShop

Reviews: 1 Reviews

Price: Original Price €13.38

Rank: Second Page of Google

More Information

Comparison of Above Mentioned Modules

The first module PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module by FME is good in the way that merchants have given a lot of positive reviews about it. Another choice is PrestaShop Pretty / Clean URLs PRO by mypresta which gives simple interface for module configuration.

Great News for PrestaShop Users – New Pricing Feature Integrated

Pricing is one of the main factor over which sale of products heavily depends. A customer who thinks that prices are high for a product just leaves the store resulting in abandoned cart. This is probably the most important cause of heavy cart abandonment rates of a store.

In today’s PrestaShop Roundup, I addressed the same issue and discussed that how it can be avoided using new feature of PrestaShop

How to Address this Issue?

If you’re a PrestaShop web-merchant, price bargaining is a feature that can be used to bring back the lost sales. According to which, you have to allow the customers to bargain the prices of products directly on the product pages. May be some of the merchants are already using this feature after installing Paid modules but now there is a great news for you.

PrestaShop with the partnership of PriceWaiter have integrated this feature free of cost in PrestaShop backend. You just have to install this PriceWaiter module on your store and all will be done smoothly.

How PrestaShop PriceWaiter Module Works

This PrestaShop PriceWaiter Module will create a make an offer button on product pages of your store. Customers interested to bargain clicks on the button to make an offer/quote. Merchant can accept/reject the offer. If offer is accepted, customer will be allowed to add that product to cart at negotiated price.

PriceWait Button

Other Features of PriceWaiter Module

This module offers multiple added functionalities as given below;

  • Button Customization
  • Time binding Offers
  • Exit intent offers
  • Unlimited Offers and Orders
  • Automation Tools
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Real time messaging
  • Order Call back
  • Checkout Redirect
  • Template Messages
  • Priority Support
  • Optional Button Branding

You can check more details of these features here.

According to a press release, General Manager of PrestaShop “Kenneth Cruz” said that “We’re committed to building strong relationships with our merchants by listening carefully to their needs. Our merchants tell us that personalization is one of the features that their shoppers request most frequently. The ability for a shopper to name their price during a transaction benefits both parties: the shopper feels a greater degree of control over the purchase and more loyalty to the merchant, who reciprocates the loyalty and captures additional revenue in the process. By offering this technology, we’re helping our merchants get off the comparison shopping ‘race-to-the-bottom’ and helping them sell more right away. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

Stephen Culp , CEO of PriceWaiter said that “Until recently, merchants and their customers had no efficient means to negotiate the prices of most online purchases. This resulted in immeasurable lost sales for thousands of merchants. We set out to change that by offering a technology that facilitates a smooth, private transaction between buyer and seller that can be implemented anywhere on the web. PrestaShop’s networks of merchants are collectively running more than 230,000 stores in 165 countries. Merchants will be able to implement this technology quickly and begin selling more, immediately.

How to install this Module?

This module will be available by default in PrestaShop store backend i.e. simple click and install works for it. However, initially this module is only available to use in U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. In the near future, it will be available for other countries.

Final Remarks

PrestaShop team is doing a great job by providing extra functions in default modules. Recently Olark Chat software was integrated in PrestaShop and now this time Price offer module. Hopefully, that will bring more sales and you will get a reason to enjoy.

Top 4 One Step Checkout PrestaShop Modules Comparison

Multi Step Checkout is the most common reason of high abandoned cart rates in PrestaShop. It is quite natural that customer loves to shop faster within no time after they make a decision to purchase a product.  Multi-step checkout involves many times mouse clicking and customer may get tired in the whole process. Given below some top reasons why customers may leave the store during multi-step checkout;

  • It takes more time therefore customer may leave it to do some other important work.
  • Power outage may interrupt the checkout
  • Slow internet connection or disconnection may leave the customer to abandoned cart.
  • Customers may be annoyed by multiple number of steps.

If multi-step checkout is not so effective then why not go ahead for simple and smooth one step checkout. This is proven by top blogs demacmedia, lemonstand, getelastic, baymard, kissmetrics that most of the customer that one step checkout is better than multi-step checkout.

Top 4

How to make your checkout one step in PrestaShop?

Unfortunately One step checkout is not available by default in PrestaShop and merchants who want to set one step checkout need to customize their checkout. However one step checkout modules are available in the market that you can use best for your store. Given below a quick comparison of different modules developed by different companies.

1.      One Step Checkout Module by FMEModules

One Step Checkout by FMEModules provides most customized and simple checkout. This is compatible with different payment solutions like Paypal, Bankwire, Cheque, Cashondelivery, Payulatam, Pagseguro, Ogone, Ferbuy, Vtpayment, Adyen, Pigmbhpaymill, Sofortbanking, Realexredirect. This plugin involves no page reloads and allows guest checkout.

ONE step checkout by FMEModules

Name: One Step Checkout Module

Reviews: 9 Review with live examples

Price: €80

Rank: 1st page

2.      One Step Checkout Module by BELVG

In One Step Checkout by BELVG, customers can see their cart detail on one step checkout page and they can delete any product from there. The customers who are already logged in have no need to fill the fields. It supports guest checkout without page reloads.
one step checkout by belvg
Name: One Page Checkout PS

Reviews: 11 Votes

Price: €79.99

Rank: 1st page

3.      One Step Checkout Module by presteamshop

One Step Checkout by presteamshop provides more customization options like admin can change the title of fields, add/remove fields, and give default values to fields, auto password generation for customer accounts and others. It also supports guest checkout.
Name: One Page Checkout PS

Reviews: 2 comments

Price: €80

Rank: 1st page

4.      One Step Checkout Module by canin

Canin provides most powerful and professional layout for one step checkout page. It supports inline validation, error messages, payment method selection by radio buttons, page fading, support for virtual goods and others.



Reviews: 31 comments

Price: €79.90

Rank: 1st page

Final Remarks

Prices of all the modules are same just the difference is functionality and features. Each module has its own unique features. If you want to buy any of them, look at your requirement and find the similar one here. If you like a simple checkout then One Step Checkout Module by FMEModules(1) is best to use. In other case, you like more options, then One Step Checkout module by canin(4) is perfect.

At the end, If you have used any of the above module, don’t forget to share your experience here.

Get Ready for PrestaShop Day on June 11, 2015

8th Editions of PrestaShop day event is coming ahead on June 11, 2015 in Paris France. This is the biggest community event for PrestaShop where developers, entrepreneurs, web-merchants, agencies and talented minds will get together to make PrestaShop and ecommerce world more advance. About 2000 attendees are expected to come in this event that is basically the biggest event in Europe.

PrestaShop Day

History of PrestaShop Day

PrestaShop day event held after every 2 years. Its last event was in November 2013. It was previously called PrestaShop BarCamp but now its new name PrestaShop Day is adopted worldwide due to the reason that it is not actually in a BarCamp style event. All the images used in this post are taken from PrestaShop Day official website.

Purpose of PrestaShop Day

It is a golden opportunity for attendees to meet with top entrepreneurs, participate in workshops, introduce your skills, and learn from success stories of others. Also you have a chance to win multiple prizes by introducing great ideas. Given below some top benefits for different people;


According to founder of PrestaShop Bruno Leveque, “In just a few years it has become a essential meeting place for all lovers of e-commerce. It was important for me to allow our community to share and exchange under the sign of conviviality, with experts allowing them to grow and still more successful.”

Activities at PrestaShop Day

There will be following activities at PrestaShop day;

  • Keynote from PrestaShop Founder
  • Conference and round tables
  • Workshops
  • Audit free shops
  • Spontaneous speech of different speakers
  • Dev Battles competition for Developers
  • Recruitment Opportunities in PrestaShop/partners/sponsors
  • Technical Answers Session
  • 15 mint SEO Audit of winning website
  • PrestaShop Awards Ceremony

Location and Date

Exact location of this event is Carreau du Temple, 4, rue Eugène Spuller 75003 Paris.

Exact Time is from 9am to 7pm on 11 June 2015.

How to Participate?

To participate in PrestaShop, you can register and buy ticket worth € 20.

More Details


This is a golden opportunity for all the persons who are related to PrestaShop in any way. They can promote their business and they have a lot to learn from this event.