Structuring URLs Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

URLs structure is the real presentation of your website. A url containing just vivid and useless information means nothing for a search engine and also users don’t like it. Well giving you can example here, check these two url

  • www.
  • www.

What you think as a reader that which url is conveying the exact message about the product. Of course, the later url i.e pretty url has better representation as it tells us that the particular url will lead to the baby garments.

So human readability of a url is most important. Some other aspects of the urls are given here in the infographic. Have a look on them to get clear insight on structuring urls.

10 tips for structuring URLs
Infographic by – FME Modules


Top 4 PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module of Different Developers – Review

Generally, urls are of two types e.g. ugly and pretty url. An ugly url contains session/product ids, tags, search parameter, calendar parameters and filters while the clean urls are free from any of the useless component.

To understand difference of both urls, here is a quick example. When we go to Youtube channel of Justin Briber, there are two possibilities for the urls to appear;




Which urls you like to see or visit; obviously the first one. Because you know that it is most relevant to the search that we want. Therefore, first url can be called as a pretty url. We all know that Search engine likes those things that are liked by visitors. Therefore, pretty urls are most important for seo of a store.

PrestaShop URLs

Same is the case in PrestaShop where urls become ugly after addition of sorting parameter, filters, calendar issues, broken links etc. PrestaShop adds product id like that should be cleaned to Some people argue that this id does not make any difference, For those when we check top shopping carts like Magento, OpenCart that has no such id in their url. It shows that somehow it is better to remove them.

Why cleaning URLs is difficult in PrestaShop?

It is difficult for merchants to clean thousands of their urls therefore use of such plugins can make this process simple. Such modules have ability to redirect the old ugly url to clean url automatically.

It was just an introduction of pretty and ugly urls, don’t going here in deep as it goes away the scope of this article “Top 5 PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module of Different Developers”. Anyone who want to understand more, can read the below mentioned articles;

Coming to the point, given below pretty urls module of different companies to make the decision of buying any of the modules easy;

Top 4 Friendly URLs Modules

PrestaShop Pretty Urls Module

PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module by FME

This PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module removes dynamically generated tags, numbers, ids, signs and symbols from product pages, categories, CMS pages, manufacturers and suppliers. Support new version of PrestaShop from 1.5x to

Name: PrestaShop Pretty URLs

Reviews: 15 Reviews

Price: €29

Rank: First Page of Google

More information

PrestaShop Pretty URL – Improve SEO by BVK

This PrestaShop Pretty URL removes product ids from all pages and makes the urls structure as If you are already using canonical redirections, this module does not affect them.

Name: PrestaShop Pretty URL – Improve SEO

Reviews: No Reviews

Price: Original Price €40

Rank: First Page of Google

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PrestaShop Pretty / Clean URLs PRO by mypresta

This PrestaShop Pretty/clean urls Pro module remove is from product, category, cms, manufacturer and supplier pages. Just turning on or off the clean ulr can make the url clean/ugly.

Name: PrestaShop Pretty / Clean URLs PRO

Reviews: No Reviews

Price: Original Price €29.99

Rank: Second Page of Google

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Friendly urls for PrestaShop

This Friendly urls for PrestaShop modules makes the urls seo friendly by removing ID from it. This module doesn’t works with SSL as mentioned in a comment on this module page. Also this module is not compatible with PrestaShop 1.6.

Name: Friendly URLs for PrestaShop

Reviews: 1 Reviews

Price: Original Price €13.38

Rank: Second Page of Google

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Comparison of Above Mentioned Modules

The first module PrestaShop Pretty URLs Module by FME is good in the way that merchants have given a lot of positive reviews about it. Another choice is PrestaShop Pretty / Clean URLs PRO by mypresta which gives simple interface for module configuration.