PrestaShop Version Released – What’s inside?

Most of the PrestaShop users were thinking that PrestaShop will do major architecture changes in version 1.7 but that remained a prediction after the release of PrestaShop According to PrestaShop official sources, they have done a lot of work and have done 10x efforts to make the newer version more advanced that is just like releasing 1.7 versions.

Coming to the point that what’s inside PrestaShop and why it is called a mile stone in PrestaShop version history?


It’s just not the logo and color changes but really it is more than that. The most prominent thing that you would like to know that PrestaShop will give you 65% more speed and performance.

Given below some top features that are included in this new version;

BackOffice Improvement

PrestaShop has done major changes to improve visibility and contrast of backend. It is simpler than that includes logo, color and other minor changes. The new blue/red option switches are strange now instead of green/red Yes/No buttons.


According to PrestaShop Official blog, now the speed of the software will be 200 times faster enabling the merchants to sell more during high traffic periods. This is made to be possible by intelligent use of SQL queries and by improving php core.

The problem of cache is eliminated which is we think the main hindrance for speed and performance. Custom smarty module is included inside that has removed the cache forcing on a shared file system (NFS).

Also product import feature is faster. Memory usage and search indexing speed is improved. Asynchronous loading is now possible for cart rules and categories.

Advance Coding Standard

PrestaShop is going to use a new coding standard PSR-2 Coding which will be helpful to keep code integrity which give ease to all contributors to join the project at github and follow the central PHP environment. This advance standard will remove the complexity and incompatibility between codes. All the PrestaShop Module developers have now to make their modules according to this new standard. PrestaShop has asked the PrestaShop Modules Developers to update their modules for current coding standard.

“Advanced EU Compliance” Module

PrestaShop has included Advanced EU Compliance module at the backend which contains about 15 payment rules. As you all know that local EU price regulations are quite tough to cater with. Therefore this module will be a great addition at the backend and legal compliance issues will be fixed.

Tax and Price Rounding

Rounding off prices and new tax rules are included in this latest version.

Semantic Versioning Scheme

In this past, PrestShop version and prefixes are random and no one was able to predict that what does it mean by changing in a version number either it is bux fix, improvement or new features. From now PrestaShop has decided to follow a regular pattern named SemVer (semantic versioning) by which the readers can judge that the entity is updated in the version. For, 1.6 will represent the main version, 1 will be minor update, and 0 will be a patch.

Invoice layout

The bill looks different and has been broken down into several template files. In addition, a free text for legal information can be displayed.

Minor Improvement

Some of the minor improvements are new e-mail Input fields, , warning for PHP Version less than 5.4, new hooks product-list.tpl, in blocknewsletter.tpl and in the back office for the robots.txt creation, abbreviation in cross-selling module etc.

PrestaShop has improved a lot of things specially the speed/performance optimization, new rules for taxation and rounding off prices etc.