10 Local Link Building Tips for 2016

The local businesses are usually small to medium size enterprises that have a target audience of a specific town or city. The link building of a local business is a bit different than a national or global one. It requires the merchants and sellers to interact with the local community through different channels. These may include community events, gatherings, or offering discounts and awarding the students. Here are some of the link building tips to rank your business in local searches.


1. Sponsor a local sports festival

Sports festivals impressively attract the attention of the locals. The youth that comprises the majority of the population of a town actively participate in the sports and their parents and other elderly members of the society come to enjoy the gathering.

Do not miss the opportunity of being a sponsor and get maximum exposure in the locality. In terms of backlinking, you will love to be discussed in different circles of community journalists and sports academies and get links from their respective websites.

2. Arrange a contest

Running a contest is a proven tip for maximizing consumer engagement and grabs their attention. Create a contest page on your website or social profile, write a press release and share it with news circulation agencies. The published press release will award you a quality backlink.

Furthermore, if you introduce an educational contest like writing an essay, poem or a short story, you can get a link from local educational websites as well. The institutes will cover you on their website and encourage their students to participate. It will help you improve brand awareness.

3. Leave a testimonial

While carrying a business, you will also have to hire the services of professionals or spend a lot on commercial machinery. In pursuit of getting a link, you can submit a testimonial on the website of your web developers, designers, marketers, legal advisors, accountants, tax consultants, etc.

Do not forget to appreciate the efforts of interior designers, plumbers, cleaners and other service providers through testimonials. Additionally, you can write reviews about the products you use like ovens, refrigerators, computers and printers, furniture, or other business-specific accessories.

In the same way, you can also invite customers to submit valuable feedback after they make the purchases. For this, you can have PrestaShop testimonials module for managing all the reviews and displaying them on the home and a dedicated page. The SEO settings of the module further enhances ranking and exposure of your ecommerce website.

4. Promote in local forums

Search for the local forums and Subreddits, participate in the discussion and promote your business. Most of the forums have strict rules for promotions and they do not allow sharing a link to your home page. In such a case, you need to be careful in advocating your products.

First of all, write a compelling blog post and share it with the intention of helping users with the problems they face. Secondly, you can get a link to your website while creating a business profile. Join the discussion purely for the help of others, and they will surely have a look at your profile. It is a recommended practice in forum participation.

5. Host local events

The locals always want to interact with other members of the community, but lack a proper platform. It can be anything like gathering for a social cause, arranging a walk for awareness of a health disease, a workshop, training giveaway or speaking events. Such events get promoted free of cost via word of mouth. The people are so much excited to attend free seminars and know the nobility of their town in constructive meetings.

There are websites that list the events to keep their readers aware about the happenings in their vicinity, and they aware a backlink to the event page of your website as well.

6. Donate to a social cause

Donations and charity are not a form of marketing, but a tribute for the blessings you enjoy. If you are enjoying because of having money, education, and physical strength, it is the time to share it with those who don’t have. Either start a campaign or donate to a charitable organization. These institutes encourage their sponsors by mentioning on one of their websites. Get a link from their high authority domains and reach the people you need.

7. Offer Discounts for different user groups

People love to avail discounts because of any reason. Do not limit flash sales or giveaways to summer or winter. Simply offer lower rates to a selected community, for example, teachers, students, parents, militants, government workers, or anyone you want to attract.

There is a platform for every community that shares news their members can take benefit of. For example, offering a rebate to the militants will get you listed on their informal forums and websites. This will get you a backlink without any effort.

8. Exchanges links with other businesses

Exchange links with other websites that offer products or services that relate to the nature of your business. For example, a flower shop can give a link to your gift shop or stationery shop gets affiliated with a bookstore. Find relevant businesses in the locality you aim to target, contact their webmasters and offer a link exchange. Add them to your website and they will add your store as well, and start serving referral customers.

9. Sign up to directories

Signing up to local directories help search engine know the scope of your business and consider you a suitable match for the local searches. It gives a clear hint that you are targeting a small town or city. Back in the days, people used to search directories for finding reliable vendors in their vicinity. It is less practiced today, but the backlinks are still worthy.

Additionally, there are official websites of towns and cities. For a higher exposure and an authority link, you can list your business there as well. Business communities can get membership of the local bodies like state libraries, chamber of commerce, reading halls, etc.

10. Post a job

Find job boards that list working opportunities for fresh and experienced individuals. It is one of the useful platforms to get a link to your website, as they have tons of users searching eagerly for a job. Post a job, internship or a training opportunity and get the link in the company profile. The users will apply through the job board after having a look at the nature of your business. It will give you a boost in SEO ranking and traffic.


Link building is crucial for the online business as it recognizes products and people as brands, and increase their customers reach. The local ventures have to keep their activities limited as they aim to reach a specific mindset, which makes the link building a bit trickier than a global outreach. The above tips are quite helpful in getting ranked higher in the local searches and famous in the locality.