Top 4 PrestaShop Checkout Custom Fields Module of Different Developers – Review

What you will do for tracking the referral source of sales on your PrestaShop store?

Most of the people use Google analytics for conversion tracking but this tracking can be made more effective by some other ways like adding a new field at the customer checkout page asking from the client that from where they are referred to the store. This will be a kind of double authentication and will aid you in conversion tracking and sales analysis.

New fields are just not limited to conversion tracking, you can utilize text field, text area, date, yes/no, multi-select, drop-down, checkbox, radio button, and message only for other purpose as per their need. Therefore adding new fields at checkout of PrestaShop is most important thing to know.

How to Add New fields in PrestaShop Store?

By default PrestaShop don’t allows to create fields at checkout page. It needs an intelligent customization in the core files. But now you have no need to worry as custom fields modules are available from different developers in the market that can make your work really simple with just a little budget. Given below a review of custom fields creator modules by different developers;

Top 4 PrestaShop Checkout Modules

  1. PrestaShop Custom Fields Module by FME

PrestaShop Custom Fields Module by FME helps the e-merchants to create unique fields like message only through which merchants can display a custom message to customers at checkout. Checkbox and radio button benefits in understanding the customer behavior towards your site. You can allow merchant to show refer a friend in text fields to refer that product to friends. You can add delivery timing and payment options on checkout page using this plugin.

Name: Custom Fields

Reviews: 4

Price: €44

Ranks: 2 (Google)

  1. PrestaShop Custom Fields Plugin by Official Marketplace

This module allows creating unlimited no of fields at checkout page which will be validated when filled by the customers. Admin and customers can edit the data once entered. Custom fields date can be exported to the pdf invoice. Admin can search customers by these custom fields at BackOffice.

Name: Custom fields Module

Reviews: 35 Votes

Price: 39,99 €

Ranks:  1

  1. PrestaShop Custom Field Module by BELVG

This PrestaShop Custom Fields Module allows adding text field, date, checkbox, multiple select, yes/no, drop down on checkout page. You can choose that which field appear at which step. You can enable/disable fields to show on admin order page. This module has limitation of version i.e. can’t be used with PrestaShop 1.6x. This module also seems costly with almost the same features.

Name: Checkout fields

Reviews: 0

Price: 52.71 €

Ranks:  24

  1. PrestaShop Custom Field Module by PrestaShop Marketplace

This Module helps to add unlimited no. of fields at checkout page. This plugins supports all type of fields and also have an auto field validator. Admin can set default values also. You can select the checkout step at which you want to add a field. Admin can enable/disable fields or make them optional/mandatory. This module works with PrestaShop 1.5x and 1.6x.

Name: Custom Fields Module

Reviews: 0

Price: 49,99 €

Ranks: Nill


After careful comparisons of features, reviews and prices, I came to know that the module PrestaShop Custom Fields Module by FME (1) is best out of these having positive reviews of customers on their website. Also the PrestaShop Custom Fields Plugin by Official Marketplace (2) has lot of downloads and votes.