Weekly PrestaShop Recap: July 24-31 2015

PrestaShop is among those shopping carts on which new changes and improvements are done on daily basis. It is lucky that not only the PrestaShop Official developers but also others stack-holders contributes to improve it. In today’s post, we will give the recap of those activities which happened in PrestaShop during July 24 to July 31 2015.

So let’s start from here;

1 . PrestaShop Security Issues Fixed

PrestaShop Patch Module

PrestaShop has discovered the security issues in their entire version except the newer one To fix these issues, PrestaShop has now included a security patch module that automatically fixes the issues. If you are using older version of PrestaShop like 1.3 xs, 1.4 xs, 1.5x upto, you have two options

  • Update the store to newest version
  • Update to the highest version of that Brach and use the patch security module.

This security issue is related to random password generation algorithm and hackers can get into your store by breaking password.

You can read more details of this issue on PrestaShop Official Blog.

2. The Future of PrestaShop: An Interview With Sabrina Marechal


Cmscritic has started an interview series with PrestaShop Director of Product Marketing Sabrina Marechal and interview is completed in three sessions.

According to Sabrina Marechal, PrestaShop is really looking to make the software easy to use for everyone breaking the need of technological expertise. PrestaShop has also eliminated the barriers for low budget merchants by introducing free cloud hosting. To bring more innovation, PrestaShop has made new labs in Paris to develop each better idea.

You can read the full detail of this interview here.

3. An Exclusive Tour of PrestaShop’s Hip Paris Headquarters

prestashop paris entrance

PrestaShop is France based company headquarters in Paris, Miami and San Francisco. The company has opened a new office at Gare Saint Lazare – Paris, France that was completed in March 2015 and is state of the art piece and most suitable place for development. It size is 12,000 square feet and it’s in house design is suggested by Bruno Lévêque, Marie Vaillant, Xavier Du Tertre and Quentin Audrain.

See the images of this new PrestaShop head quarter here.

4. What You Should know about PrestaShop Developers Integration Fund

prestaShop we commerce

PrestaShop has taken a great initiative by setting the motto of “WeCommerce is better Ecommerce”. To achieve it, the company has announced a developer integration fund of 1000000 which will be shared between those developers who will make an innovative module targeting the local market.

You can read more details about PrestaShop Developers Integration Fund here.

5. Role of Preston and WeCommerce in PrestaShop

love of Preston with PrestaShop

Preston and WeCommerce was introduced on PrestaShop day June 11, 2015 and now it is primary part of PrestaShop. Like Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, PrestaShop has selected a small bird Puffin and given a new name Preston to represent the brand.

Read about Love of PrestaShop with Preston here.